Patterns for the First Year

The patterns developed in the first year of marriage set the stage for the years to come. I have to ask the question; am I being the kind of wife I want to be? Am I living the marriage I dreamed of, today? Is the way I treat my husband how I want to be treated for the rest of our lives? This can relate to cooking as well. What  am I waiting for to try new recipes, to cook fun meals and to have fun in the kitchen?

Yesterday was Jason and my 6 month “anniversary”. We were married on October 28th and I cannot believe 6 months has already come and gone. We spent the morning at the tulip fields, each row and flower exploding with color and walking hand-in-hand through the mud.

I began thinking about all the meals we had shared together in our new little home and all the recipes I had tried. Thoughts came into my head about each of those meals. Earlier this year, a friend of my dad’s gave us two full pheasants. What do you do with pheasant? Luckily, Betty Crocker knows! In her cookbook there is a recipe for an orange glazed Pheasant. And if you have free meat, you must use it! Although the meat turned out a little tough, it was quite the adventure that left a messy kitchen. On a separate occasion, I tried to make baked oatmeal cups that were supposed to be a fast and healthy breakfast, but without enough sweet (sugar or honey) they tasted gummy and bland – most of them ended up in the trash unfortunately.

Most of the recipes I find to cook or bake are from the internet. This includes Pinterest and which are from other people that have had the energy post their recipes and share with the world what works and what doesn’t. I realized that I could also be one of these people. I could share my favorite recipes, meals and ideas and have them all in one spot. Then, I could remember the good recipes and not repeat the bad ones.

So here it is: an ode to being a new wife, to making delicious things for my husband, family and friends and to setting patterns of respect & love in my marriage, cooking creatively and living generously!

One thought on “Patterns for the First Year

  1. Hi Rachel, I am so proud of you. I love, love this blog. I am humbled that you mention me in it. Your pictures are beautiful. I look forward to reading more. Love you lots. Grandma

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