Mexican Themed Bridal Shower

Many of you have been asking about this party on Pinterest and I am happy to finally publish it in one place. This past Spring, we celebrated the marriage of my dear friend Stephanie. For her Bachelorette Party, we throw her a “Sexico in Mexico” themed party since they would be heading to Mexico for their honeymoon! It was a great success.

mexico party 4 We had some cards available for guests to write advice for the bride. The last game we played was Bridal Scattergories. This is a super fun game, but can go a little slow. We ended up not doing all the FIESTA letters. If you would like to download a copy of this game for free, download BRIDAL SCATTERGORIES (PDF)






And sorry I am bad at figuring out how to format pictures and text. Send me a message if you want more info!

mexico party


mexico party 3


3 thoughts on “Mexican Themed Bridal Shower

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your shower and the Scategories game! So fun! I’ve played the board game before, how did you set it up for a shower (rules etc)? Thanks very much!!

  2. We are doing something very similar! Where did you find the mini sombrero? I am having a hard time finding one JUST like the one in the picture

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