Making Cards are Cheaper Than Buy Cards


June is full of celebrations with multiple friend and family birthdays and graduations, I could spend a lot of Hallmark cards at the store. Why do that when I can make them for free?! Thanks to my mother for spending many years accruing craft supplies and then bequeathing them to me. I have quite the stash of stamps, paper and other fun stuff so come over anytime for a craft night. Tonight, my dear friend Krista came over for some Funfetti Cake Balls and crafting party (we threw in some country music as well).




Gourmet Portland Pizza

This weekend I was in Portland visiting my dear friends down there. I showed up just in time for dinner on Friday. Kylie made this pizza using Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough. The toppings included salumi, roasted red peppers (that they roasted themselves!), I think basil and mozarella and had an olive oil sauce instead of tomatoes. Delicious!

If you haven’t picked up the pizza dough from Trader Joe’s, its a must. For $1.29 you get the base for a delicious and homemade gourmet pizza!

Thanks Coco, Kylie and Trevor!

Baby Boden

Baby Boden might as well be considered the munchies part of this blog. I wanted to nibble his face it was so cute. Last week was a crazy week of work with our fundraising event on Friday and lots that had to get done. Thankful I had a date planned to meet baby Boden today so I had something to look forward too. Boden Scott was born on April 5th by a wonderful mother and my coworker, Kadi. It was great to see Kadi and deliver the banana bread; which I hope she enjoys.

I could not finish this blog without mentioning Porter, dear old 90 pound Porter. He thought I came to see him, but it was really baby Boden. We didn’t forget you Porter!